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Conceived then born, Eco-chic La Finca Paradiso was initially inspired by a wish to re-create a feeling of Heaven on Earth, serene, exclusive privacy where your every visit is bespoke.

In the heart of Andalucia amidst thirty-three acres of fruitful Spanish gardens, La Finca Paradiso enjoys 360-degree views of the Sierra Cabrera Mountains, Mojacar Pueblo and the Mediterranean Sea. This ingenious, carbon-neutral retreat, harnesses natural resources to provide power from the sun and the wind. It is a luxury Eco-centre of transformation, designed to educate, inform and inspire. An Eco-Healing centre where a wide range of people can enjoy the luxury of being off-grid in a fabulous and inspiring setting, coming together with family, friends or strangers of like-minds to experience a variety of activities whether recreational, spiritual or creative.

Whether you are an individual coming to one of our own bespoke Utopian Retreats, a teacher running a private course of your own, a couple celebrating getting married or a group of family and friends enjoying a fun filled holiday, the beauty of the surroundings, the warmth of the hospitality and the comfort of the venue, all combine to make the Utopian Retreat experience such a pleasure that you will want to return again and again.

Sleeping up to thirty-three guests, La Finca Paradiso is a beautifully crafted private village, which has been organically developed over time, to be enjoyed as a luxury holiday home or a retreat destination that can accommodate all types of groups with equal facility.

If you are running a bespoke course of your own, a celebration or a holiday, we can help you create the perfect week as we offer limitless possibilities. From airport transfers, wonderful fresh food, sourced from our own gardens or local suppliers, fine wines, a variety of day trips and excursions, in-house entertainment and classes as well as beauty and massage therapies. You think it and we can do it. We are the ideal venue for martial arts, acrobatics, fitness, yoga, meditation, tai chi, dance, painting, song writing, creative writing, music and voice, drama, fashion shoots, photography courses, corporate events and team building, rambling, golf, anniversary parties, family gatherings, mountain biking, weddings and of course, private group holidays.